Caladium Aaron .(6 Bulbs) Thrives in Heat and Humidity


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Aaron Caladium Bulbs, Beautiful ornamental foliage

   Aaron's pearly white leaves with contrasting dark green borders will work well for those sunny locations in your landscape. These popular caladiums are tall enough to allow another shorter red or pink caladium variety to grow in front for a spectacular border. Aaron, as all caladiums, will do well in shady areas - a versatile "classic" caladium.  
   Aaron is a hybrid developed by one of the pioneers of caladium breeding, F. M. Joyner - a postman in Tampa FL. He developed several breeds of caladiums in the later 1930's. Classic has worked hard to clean up and rejuvenate this long-standing favorite caladium bulb.


How To Plant Elephant Ears & Caladium

Soil temperature is an important consideration, as planting too early outdoors can cause tubers to rot. These plants thrive in moist, well-drained soil and are generally happier in partial shade. When you plant Elephant Ears & Caladium, you should plant them about 4 to 6 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches apart

If you’re growing caladiums indoors, keep them in a warm room with plenty of light until outside temperatures are warm enough to transplant. Elephant Ears & Caladium Tubers should be planted about one to two inches deep with the knobs, or eye buds, facing up. While this may sometimes be difficult to distinguish in some varieties, those that are planted upside down will still emerge, only slower.

Thrives in Heat and Humidity
Grows Well in Containers
Tolerates Full Sun

12" tall
6" apart
2" deep

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