Begonia Cascade Pendula Scarlet(2 Bulbs) shade area, Container, hanging basket


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Vibrant Color for Shady Areas
Tolerates Heat and Humidity

Ideal for Containers

A Must-Have for any Shady Spot!
Create an avalanche of colour with these spectacular scarlet red flowers. Perfect for hanging baskets, these enormous cascading double blooms can grow to an impressive 15cm/6in across. They prefer half-sun and a rich moist soil with good drainage. Tubers can be stored over winter and re-used year after year, making begonias fantastic value for money. We recommend growing indoors first, and only planting outside once all frost has disappeared. Why not try accompanying Scarlet with our other coloured Begonias, for an eye-catching waterfall of rainbow colour? Exhibition size 5-6cm tubers supplied. Flowering throughout summer until the first frosts. Height 30cm.
Not all begonias are just as at home in hanging baskets as they are in the garden, but the all-purpose varieties in this collection are known for their versatility. Our amazing Hanging Basket Begonia Collection will enliven any shady spot on your deck, patio, balcony, gazebo or garden with luxurious colour for months.

Beautiful Lush Blooms
Huge 5-6" rounded blooms are set off by a lush display of light green foliage that sets off the unique apricot, white blushed pink, pink, red and yellow-red fully double blooms. Angelique, Pink Delight and Red Glory are even fragrant, a highly unusual characteristic in begonias.

Vigorous Trailing Habit
Begonias blossoms love to grow in pairs, producing small blooms just behind each large double bloom. Layer upon layer of flowers cascade over each other to completely fill and overflow a pot or basket, giving you masses of blooms through fall.

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