Herald's Trumpet Seeds,BEAUMONTIA grandiflora, Nepal Trumpet Flower,Ester Lily Vine

Tropaeolum Majus

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Easter Lily Vine ,BEAUMONTIA grandiflora. Herald's Trumpet - Rare Plant Seeds.

 With dangling clusters of large white trumpet-shaped flowers in very late winter and into the spring, herald's trumpet is a spectacular vine perfect for smaller tropical gardens. A heavy, vigorous evergreen vine it is native to southern Asia from the Himalayan foothills southeastward into Vietnam. Here, its lily-like blooms appear in proximity to the Easter holiday, yielding another common name.

Rust-colored hairs are on the undersides of youngest leaves before they mature to larger oval or oblong foliage. Dark glossy green in color they are somewhat rippled. In late winter to mid-spring branch tips bear loose but obvious clusters of Easter lily-like, trumpet-shaped flowers of white. Each dangles downward and is fragrant with flaring lobes. The calyx (modified leaf) that holds each bloom is a contrasting rust, as it is covered in hairs.

Grow herald's trumpet in full sun in average garden soils that are fertile and have good drainage. Provide ample water in the warmth of the growing season and then markedly drier conditions in late fall and winter. Use this vine to cloak a sturdy arbor or wood trellis in a tropical courtyard or backyard swimming pool vicinity. It also is a nice espalier subject if protected from wind. After flowering the stems can be pruned back to keep this vine in bounds.

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