Masquerade Hot pepper Seeds Great for growing in a patio planter


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Masquerade Hot pepper Seeds ~can be grow indoors or out, Great for growing in a patio planter, Container and Garden bed.

Masquerade Hot peppers Seeds can be grown indoors or out- 25+ Organic Seeds !
100+ days. Capsicum annuum. Plant produces good yields of 2 ½" long by ¼" wide hot peppers. Peppers grow in clusters, are hot and turn from green, to purple, to orange, to red when mature. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. Suitable for containers.

Masquerade Hot peppers can be grown indoors or out. In an outdoor setting, the plants may be placed in flower beds, borders, or, Place in the garden. Indoor plants can be placed anywhere for a splash of vivid color. grown for their abundance of vibrant color And for use in cooking, and they are a popular decoration during the holiday season in December.

When planting in borders or beds outdoors, space plants approximately 14 inches apart. If starting from seed, plant in spring for pepper appearance in summer through fall. Seeds can also be started indoors, or in a greenhouse, in July in order for these peppers to appear by December.

Materials: sauce,pepper,seed,season,vegetable,Cili Padi or Cili Padi Kampong,Congo,Mombassa,Uganda and Zanzibar chillies,Purple,Golden,are hot and turn from green,to purple

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