Cherry Tomato HEIRLOOM Organic Potted Sun Gold,Enormous number of yellow bite-sized fruits


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Packet 50 Heirloom seeds
HEIRLOOM. Enormous number of yellow bite-sized fruits.
This extremely old variety makes a vigorous plant, which bears enormous numbers of bright yellow, bite-sized fruit. The flavor is deliciously tangy. Perfect for summer party hors d'oeuvres.

How to grow:
Depending upon your location you may choose to grow your tomatoes indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors. If growing outdoors it is best to begin the plants indoors and transplant outside once soil temperature has reached 15 degrees Celsius/ 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Plan to start off your tomatoes about eight or nine weeks before you expect the soil to reach this temperature. In many temperate regions the ideal time to sow tomato seeds is March through to April.
Initially you should fill a three inch (8 cm) pot(s) with a soil mix (see below) or compost, firm it with your hand and then water the soil in the pot. Sow the seeds thinly on the surface. Next spread a thin layer of vermiculite on top of the seeds to cover them.

The pot(s) should then be placed into a warm draft free area, an airing cupboard is ideal for this purpose; be sure to keep the soil moist. Once seedlings have emerged, the pot(s) should be transferred to an area of light such as your windowsill (do not put into a place of direct sunlight as this may result in scorched leaves) or the greenhouse.
Nb. You will find that most tomato seeds germinate so you only need to sow a few extra seeds than the number of plants that you require.

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