CAULIFLOWER Early Snowball,Organic Heirloom seed) White firm heads


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CAULIFLOWER Early Snowball ( Organic Heirloom seed) White firm heads
Vegetable Seeds Per Oz: 7000
Cauliflower, Snowball Self-Blanching

Tasty heirloom with pure-white heads; thrives in the cool weather.
A flavorful heirloom variety which produces 6-8, pure-white heads. When colder weather arrives, 'Snowball's leaves will curl upright and self-wrap during cool weather. 65-75 days.

Vegetable Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea var. botrytis

Vegetable Duration: Biennial

Vegetable Days to Maturity: 65

Vegetable Seeds Per Oz: 7000

Vegetable Height: 12” to 18”

Vegetable Planting: Sow seeds indoors before last frost, or direct sow seeds outside after last frost. Plant seeds about 1/4” under soil surface, with 24” - 30” between plants.

Vegetable Seed Saving: Allow seed heads to dry on plants; then remove heads, break them open, and collect seeds. Clean and dry the seeds before storage in cool dry conditions.

Materials: Grow,Garden,Annual,CAULIFLOWER,Organic Heirloom seed

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