Caucasian Spinach Seeds, - ORGANIC VEGETABLE

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Caucasian Spinach -Caucasian Mountain Spinach , Zones 3-6. - fast-growing vine, Organic Seeds !
The large (3m=10ft), dense, very ornamental climber with tuberous roots. Leaves are edible. When cooked they have a mild, pleasant taste. Plant very frost hardy (to zone 6).
Caucasian Mountain Spinach ,Hablitzia tamnoides Perennial, Zones 3-6. Originating in the Caucasus, it is a very hardy perennial, growing 6–9' long for 2–3 months in the very early spring when few other edible greens have surfaced.

Its also tasty: both early shoots and subsequent leaves make a delicious and tender spinach-like vegetable without any bitterness. Moreover, its beautiful originally introduced into Sweden around 1870 as an attractive vine to screen manor houses with its heart-shaped leaves. And, finally, though it is best grown in sun to maximize its productivity, it will also do well in its native habitat.

  • Genus Hablitzia
  • Species tamnoides
  • Common Name Caucasian spinach
  • Form herbaceous
  • Habit clumping
  • Origin Europe
  • Light part
  • Moisture mesic
  • Edible greens, shoots

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