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Caucasian Spinach Seeds, - Hablitzia tamnoides - Perennial VEGETABLE

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Caucasian Spinach -Caucasian Mountain Spinach , Zones 3-6. - fast-growing vine, Organic Seeds !
The large (3m=10ft), dense, very ornamental climber with tuberous roots. Leaves are edible. When cooked they have a mild, pleasant taste. Plant very frost hardy (to zone 6).
Caucasian Mountain Spinach ,Hablitzia tamnoides Perennial, Zones 3-6. Originating in the Caucasus, it is a very hardy perennial, growing 6–9' long for 2–3 months in the very early spring when few other edible greens have surfaced. It’s also tasty: both early shoots and subsequent leaves make a delicious and tender spinach-like vegetable without any bitterness. Moreover, its beautiful originally introduced into Sweden around 1870 as an attractive vine to screen manor houses with its heart-shaped leaves. And, finally, though it is best grown in sun to maximize its productivity, it will also do well in its native habitat.
Genus Hablitzia
Species tamnoides
Common Name Caucasian spinach
Form herbaceous
Habit clumping
Origin Europe
Light part
Moisture mesic
Edible greens, shoots

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