Cathedral Bells Annual Flower Vine,Also known as Cup and Saucer Vine -(Cobaea scandens) Purple !/Royal Plum.


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Royal Plum Cathedral Bells Vine Seeds, Grows rapidly and blooms like crazy!

Cathedral Bells
Annual Flower, Vine
Also known as Cup and Saucer Vine
Cobaea scandens
Polemoniaceae Family
This fast-growing annual vine gets its common names from its flowers. The bell-like or cup-like blossoms rest on saucer-like calyxes. Great for brightening up your porch or trellis.

Enormous, exotic blooms begin pale green, then mature to a rich purple with long, twisty chartreuse anthers and streaked white throats!
Big, graceful bells crowd for position on this super-fast, extra-showy twining vine. Cup-and-Saucer takes its name from the bloom form--the big cup-shaped blooms arise from a cluster of petals, surrounding the base like a saucer! A charming effect, enhanced by frilly, curlicued anthers of chartreuse emerging from the white-streaked throats of these huge, silky blooms.
When the blooms open, they are a pale green, almost the same color as the small, tear-shaped foliage. Then they quicky darken to deep, royal purple. This vine is one of the fastest-growing and most trouble-free plant you will ever see in the garden. Pests do not disturb it; it grows effortlessly by twining to 20 feet; and it blooms abundantly from midsummer to fall. Direct-sow the seeds in full sun or part shade. Pkt is 10 seeds.
Start seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last spring frost. The seeds should be sown with their longest edge pointing down. Can also be direct seeded outside, but flowering will be delayed.

Germination temperature: 70 F to 75 F

Days to emergence: 10 to 24


Maintenance and care:
Train on trellis or other support. Keep moist but not soggy. Pinch back to keep bushy if desired.

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