Cashew Tree Seeds,Anacardium Occidentale, Rare Tropical Plant Tree Seeds !

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Cashew Tree Seeds,Anacardium Occidentale, Rare Tropical Plant Tree Seeds

Cashew trees are attractive Cashew Tree Seeds,Anacardium Occidentale, Rare Tropical Plant Tree ~ Seeds trees with large leaves and pretty, pink flowers.Cashews, as you know them, are nuts. However, the cashew nut is not the only fruit of the cashew trees.

The cashew nut is inside the funny looking, kidney shaped shell that is attached to the bottom of the cashew apple.The true fruit of the cashew tree is a kidney or boxing-glove shaped drupe that grows at the end of the cashew apple.

The drupe develops first on the tree, and then the pedicel expands to become the cashew apple. Within the true fruit is a single seed, the cashew nut. The seed is surrounded by a double shell containing an allergenic phenolic resin, anacardic acid, a potent skin irritant chemically related to the better-known allergenic oil urushiol which is also a toxin found in the related poison ivy. Properly roasting cashews destroys the toxin. Some people are allergic to cashew nuts, but cashews are a less frequent allergen than nuts or peanuts.

Where To Grow Cashew Trees?

You can grow cashew trees anywhere in the wet/dry tropics. The main producers of cashew nuts are Brazil, India, Vietnam, Africa (Tanzania and Mozambique) the Caribbean and South East Asia.
Day temperatures for growing cashews should not drop below 10°C (50F), and cashew trees handle temperatures above 40°C (105F) well. An average day temperature of around 25°C (77F) is ideal.
As long as they have some water cashew trees grow like weeds. They are draught resistant and grow well even on marginal soils where other fruit trees would fail. The best soils for growing cashews are sandy soils.

How To Grow Cashew Trees

Start growing your cashew trees seeds in pots or put them straight in the ground. Keep them moist and they should sprout within four or five days.
Trees in the landscape should be fertilized every three to four months with a citrus or palm type fertilizer containing good levels of micro-nutrients. In highly alkaline soil deficiencies may develop that require nutritional sprays to correct.

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