Carosello Cucumber Seeds,Italian Vegetable ,Cucumber/Melon


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Carosello Cucumber Seeds - Cucumber Carosello Mezzo Lungo di Polignano ,Italian Cucumber/Melon

Formerly called Cucumber Carosello Barese. Limited quantity. Light green, oval cucumber-melon from Bari. Picked small, they taste like a cucumber. Allow them to ripen more and they turn yellow and get sweeter. White flesh, 4 inches long. Mild tasting and very productive. Grow on a trellis. 70 days. Typical 'downy' skin of this type, which rubs off easily. Pick young. 
This wonderful ‘cucumber’ Will Be one of the delights of your garden this summer. A smallish plump light green fruit with a furry or ‘downy’ skin and sweetish crisp flesh. The natural habit of the plants is to trail but it can be tied to grow over a climbing frame. Quick to crop, in around 60 days, they are also prolific and it seems the more they are picked the more cucumbers the plants produce. 
Cucamelons are easy to plant and care for. While seeds can be sown directly after the danger of frost, start the seeds indoors in April or May to lengthen the plant’s fruit production period. Transplant outdoors after danger of frost. Provide a trellis or wire for your vines. Keep the plant watered, and prepare for a bountiful crop from July until the first frost. Harvest the fruit when it feels firm. Wait until it pulls from the vine easily.

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