Campari Tomato,Sweet juicy, high sugar level, low acidity! The most disease-resistant tomato we've ever seen.


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Campari Tomatoes
The most disease-resistant tomato we've ever seen.surface, then transplant seedlings to garden with 30” - 36” between plants.
Campari,Somewhat larger than cherry tomatoes, Campari tomatoes are deep red, round, and about the size of a golf ball.
Campari is a type of tomato, noted for its juiciness, high sugar level, low acidity, and lack of mealiness. Camparis are deep red and larger than a cherry tomato, but smaller and rounder than a plum tomato.
Color: Red

Shape: Globe

Average Size: 2 to 4 ounces

Seed Type: Hybrid

Plant Characteristics: Indeterminate; regular leaf; height up to nine feet

Maturity: 80 days after transplant.

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