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California Poppy flowers Seeds,( FORMULA mix)

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California Poppy (Eschscholzia Californica Mission Bells) flowers Seeds

White, red, yellow, pink and orange

  • Packet 2,000 Seeds - 1.79
  • 10,000+ Seeds - $3.00
  • 1oz PK  157,000+ Seeds - $10.00
  • 4 oz PK  629,000+ Seeds - $21.25
  • ½ LB  1,259,000+ Seeds - $29.95

An absolutely magnificent addition for any meadow or naturalized setting, this California Poppy Mission Bells mix makes a breathtaking display. Sow the Mission Bell Poppy seeds in the early spring for a performance that goes all summer. This mix has semi-double bi-colored blooms in colors of orange, red, white and gold, and attractive, finely cut gray-green foliage. These simple flowers are native to western North America and bring endless enjoyment. Poppies are very hardy and drought tolerant, and they liberally self-sow by dropping their own flower seeds so that the display will come year after year.

All California Poppies are easy to grow from flower seeds and require virtually no care. Directly sow Poppy flower seeds early in the spring. Prepare the area by weeding and loosening the top 1 - 2 inches of soil. Sow the Poppy seeds and rake the soil covering the seed about 1/8 inch deep, and keep the soil moist after planting until the flower seeds germinate in 14 - 28 days, depending on the temperature. Thin Poppy seedlings to about 12 inches apart. Decrease watering after the plants begin to flower. California Poppies can be a perennial flower in frost free zones.

Materials: An absolutely,magnificent addition,for any,meadow or,naturalized setting,breathtaking display,this California,Poppy Mission Bells mix makes a

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