Calico Popcorn Seeds-Zea mays

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Calico Popcorn Seeds- Heirloom-Untreated -hard to find gourmet popcorn
Zea mays
Approximately 100 Seeds per oz
Multicolored cobs make festive fall decoration and gourmet popping corn.
A hard to find gourmet popcorn in a wide range of colors. Produces 5 to 8 inch ears larger than miniature popcorn ears. Kernel colors include yellow, brown, white, purple, red, blue and more. Use some ears for holiday
decorating and gifts; shell off and pop the balance for low cal enjoyment. Very unusual.
Use as colorful autumn decoration, or pop them for wintertime movie-watching noshing. Pops most consistently if you freeze the kernels first then throw them directly into a kettle with hot oil. Kernels are yellow, brown, white, purple, red, and blue.
Calico Popcorn (105 days) Open-pollinated. An heirloom dual-purpose corn with 5–8" ears that look like smaller versions of Indian corn. The shiny bright ears come in an array of colors, with red, yellow and mottled rosy-brown most common, but brown, purple, blue, white and other combinations possible. Kernels are smaller than those of most Indian corns, but larger than conventional popcorns. Calico is both decorative and edible so you can hang it on your door in fall and pop the very same batch on Thanksgiving.
Growing: CAUTION: Untreated sweet corn seed will not germinate in cold wet soil. Please be patient and wait till soil warms to at least 60° before sowing, or start seedlings indoors and transplant at 3–6" before taproots take off. Tender, will not survive frost. Heavy nitrogen requirements. Rows 3' apart, 4 seeds/ft. Thin to 1' apart. When corn is knee-high, side-dress with azomite or alfalfa meal to stimulate growth. Plant in blocks of at least 4 rows to ensure adequate pollination, essential for good tip fill. If you lack sufficient space for enough plants for good pollination, try hand-pollinating by cutting off the tassels and shaking their pollen onto the silks. Sweet corn is ready 18-24 days after the first silks show, the exact time dependent on the weather in the interim. Press ears 2" from the tips to assess kernel fullness. Harvest when the kernels are plump, soft, tender and filled with a milky juice. Most sugary enhanced varieties have an optimal picking window of 5–7 days, but some open-pollinated selections hold only 1–2 days.
Minimum soil temperature 50°, optimal temperature range 60-95°, optimal temperature 80°. Emergence takes 22 days at 50°,12 days at 59°, 7 days at 68°, only 4 days at 77°. 98% normal seedlings at 77°, only 91% at 86°.

Materials: Sweet Corn,Seed,Vegetable,Organic,Organically Grown

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