Basket Gourd Seeds,Fruit up to 100 lb,Make large baskets and decorations.

Bushel Basket

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Bushel Basket Gourd Seeds,Fruit up to 100 lb,Make large baskets and decorations.

Gourds have as many uses as they do shapes, colors and textures. Bitter Melons are particularly good stuffed with meat, seafood or beans, as are hairy melons, especially when stuffed with pork and baked. Bottle and Calabash Gourds are excellent in meat soups or stir-fries. Young Luffas can be prepared just like zucchini. And while used in a variety of Asian dishes, the Winter Melon is the key ingredient for the famous winter melon soup, popular at Chinese banquets. The soup is cooked in the melon itself, and chunks of melon flesh are scooped out and served with the soup. Gourds used for eating and cooking should be harvested young, as they tend to grow bitter the longer they are left on the vine.
Bushel Basket Gourd Seeds
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(Lagenaria siceraria)
This gourd grows from 30-50 lbs. and the fruit is dried to make large baskets and decorations. Crafters love its unusual shape. 125 days.
Dry and use as decoration, birdhouses, etc. 10-15 days, 70-75ºF. Start early indoors in pots and transplant after last spring frost. Soak seeds in warm water overnight before seeding. Germination rates can be improved by clipping a shallow slice (with toenail clippers) off side of seed near the pointed end. Can also be seeded directly in the field in warm climates after soil temperature is 72ºF.

Sowing: Sow seeds in a sunny location when all danger of frost is past, or indoors 3-4 week before the last frost. 
Care: Water regularly and fertilize when lateral runners begin to spread. 
Harvest: To eat pick when fruits are small. For gourds allow fruits to ripen on the vine. Pick carefully.

Light Seed 
Seed Spacing  Row Spacing Days to Sprout  Plant Spacing  Days to Maturity

Full sun

1/2-3/4" /
12-18 cm

Groups of 4-6

5-6' / 
150-180 cm


3-4' / 90-120 cm 10-15 weeks
Saving Bushel Gourd Seeds: After the gourds have completely dried so that the seeds inside rattle, remove the seed by cutting open the gourd or drilling a hole in the shell. Spread out the seeds to dry; when a seed will snap in two, it has dried sufficiently. If the seed only bends but will not break, further drying time is needed. Store the dry seeds in a cool, dry place for up to six years.

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