Brussel Sprouts Seeds , Long Island Improved Brussel Sprouts,HEIRLOOM ,Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera. Annual. 90 days.

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5 Gram Packet-approximately 1,250
1 Oz Pack -approximately 7,000 seed
4 Oz Pack -approximately 28,000 seed
HEIRLOOM Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts .
Brussels sprouts are distinctive looking plants. The stem is up to 3 feet tall in some varieties and is covered along its length with miniature cabbage heads. Each plant produces an abundance of sprouts, often more than sixty on each stem. Brussels sprouts have a slight cabbage flavor that improves after a mild frost. It is most often grown as a fall or winter crop in the Southwest. Brussels sprouts require a cool climate to produce well.
This compact plant, about 20 inches tall, produces firm cabbage-like sprouts about 1-2 inches in diameter. The sprouts have a mild cabbage flavor and grow up the center stem. The shade leaves at the top of the plant may be cut and eaten as well; they too taste like cabbage. This variety is known for its excellent flavor and high yields of medium size sprouts. Produces heavy set firm sprouts over an extended season. While this is long season variety, the plants do not take up very little room and are heavy producers. 90-120 days.

Detailed Long Island Improved Brussel Sprouts Info: Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera. Annual. 90 days. 6,400 seeds/oz seeds per oz. 36-48" height. 24-30" spacing. This semi-dwarf variety produces 50-100 dark green sprouts about 1-2" in diamete

Growing Long Island Improved Brussel Sprouts Seeds:
Mulch to preserve the moisture in the soil. Remove weeds carefully to avoid disturbing the plants. If heavy winds threaten the plant, provide a stake for support. As the leaves on the stem turn yellow, take them off so that the sprouts can freely develop. If aphids appear, eliminate them with a strong stream of water from a hose.

Harvesting Long Island Improved Brussel Sprouts:
About four months after transplanting, the first sprouts should be ready. Twist them off the stem from the bottom up; sprouts about 1" in diameter are the most tender. To continue harvesting sprouts after frost, hang the entire plant upside down in a cool place; sprouts will continue to mature for a few more weeks. Long Island Improved sprouts freeze quite well.
Saving Long Island Improved Brussel Sprouts Seeds:
Seed heads will not develop until early spring, so overwintering the plant will be necessary. If the climate is cold, this means digging up the plant and storing it, stem and all, in moist sand at a temperature of about 40 degrees F. Replant 3-4 weeks before the last spring frost. Allow the sprouts left on the plant to flower, mature, and fully dry on the stem. The seed heads will open as soon as they are dry and brown, so watch them closely in order to save the seed before it falls to the ground. Store the seed in a cool, dry place for up to five years.

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