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Black Seeded Simpson Green Leaf Lettuce - Organic Non-GMO - Open-Pollinated

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Adaptable and tasty greenleaf.

An early producer of light green, curled, tender leaves. Non-. Avg. 26,600 seeds/oz. Packet: 1000 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Black Seeded Simpson Green Leaf Lettuce - Open-Pollinated
(Lactuca sativa)
Black Seeded Simpson lettuce is one of the most popular loose leaf lettuces in home gardens. Why!?! Simply because it is fast growing, and has a light, sweet taste. Plant some today, and you can be harvesting this tasty lettuce in less than six weeks.
Easy, early tender green leaves that withstand heat, drought and light frost. A highly adaptable lettuce for plantings throughout the season. Quickly produces a full-sized, bright green open head with slightly crinkled leaves. Popular babyleaf variety for a bright green contrasting leaf in salad mixes. See baby leaf photo on page 47. Grand Rapids-type • Popular for babyleaf.
Days to maturity: 28 days baby, 45 full size.
How to Grow Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce
Days to Maturity:
Here's good news- - your Black Seeded Simpson lettuce is ready to harvest in as little as 45 days or less.
How to Grow Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce:
These lettuce seeds are very fine. You can plant these seeds in a row, or broadcast them over an area. When planting in rows, thin to 6" apart, in rows 12-18" apart. Cover the seeds with a very fine layer of loose soil or starting mixture. Water lightly after planting.
Tip: Some people sprinkle the seeds on top of a fine soil, and just water them in.
Black Seeded Simpson is not a candidate for transplanting. Sow seeds directly in your garden. They also grow well in an outdoor container on your patio or deck. When it comes time to harvest, just step outside your door and snip as many leaves as you need.
Black Seeded Simpson lettuce likes cool weather and lots of moisture. Grow lettuce plants in full sun, in rich, well drained soil. Liquid fertilizer works well. Weed once or twice early n their growth cycle. Without competing with weeds, the the plants will grow better, and it makes harvesting easier.
Plant successive crops for a constant supply Black Seeded Simpson lettuce. Plant small sections in your garden every couple of weeks.
Days to harvest: 45
Pick Black Seeded Simpson lettuce as soon as it is big enough to use. We recommend harvesting with a clean, sharp scissors. The plant will re-grow. But, after a while, it's good to have a vigorous new patch to harvest from.
Germination: 90%

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