Black Chick Peas , GARBANZO BEAN, Chana

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  • Organic, Non-GMO - ,For Sprouting Seeds, to Grow or food. Organically Grown Heirloom Seeds.
  • The leaves and youngest green pods of chickpeas can be eaten raw. The enlarged but green pods can be cooked like regular peas. The mature pods turn brown and contain dry seeds. These seeds are usually eaten cooked. The black chick peas do not turn black until they are mature and dry, and they retain their black color even after they are cooked.
    Chickpeas are great for cooking, Roasting, in stews, or adding to salads. They have a mild nutty flavor and are packed with protein. Worldwide, there are a large variety of uses for these legumes. They can be ground into 'gram flour' (aka chickpea flour) which is frequently used in Indian cuisine, they are used to make falafel, hummus, farinata, curries, are found in traditional Mexican dishes, and are used in sweets & deserts in the Philippines. Also commonly called the Garbanzo Bean, these are an heirloom plant.
  • Black Chick Peas Seeds ~Heirloom, Organically Grown.
  • Garbanzo Bean/Chick Pea/Ceci Bean/Gonzo Bean/Bengal Gram.
  • High Quality Sprouting Grade; High Germination Rate
    Nutritional info: Vitamins A and C Calcium, Iron, Magnesium Amino Acids Protein: 20%

  • Chickpea, Chana,
  • For Sprouting Seeds
  • ,to Grow or food.

Bean Quantity:

  • 1 Packet (appx. 30 Seeds)
  • 1 oz (appx. 100 seeds)
  • 1/4 lb (appx. 400 seeds)

Amazing seeds that provide great health benefits

Direct Sow Seeds - It is most likely that most of us don't know that we could actually grow our own chickpea .!

  • HARVEST: 100 Days
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 15 - 21" . . . PLANT SPACING: 3 - 6"

Chickpeas (Cicer arietinum) have miniature pea flowers, with the typical pea's asymmetrical petals. The flowers each contain a tiny, elongate ovary that will elongate into a pod with seeds once the flower is pollinated. Each pod contains one to three seeds, many fewer than English peas. Chickpeas, regular peas and beans are all in the same plant family - the fabulous Fabaceae, or legume family.

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