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BEAN & PEA Inoculant 1.5 oz ,

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 Improves growth of plant,increase yields

BEAN & PEA INOCULANT Improves growth of plant and increases yields. A must if planting in a new area where no beans were planted before. Each package treats up to 2 pounds of seed. Weight 1.5. Gardening soil inoculants are a type of bacteria added. Powder form.
Problem Solved with Nature’s Aid Garden Seed Combination Humus
IF…You want to maximize nitrogen fixing for legume type garden plants
USE…Nature’s Aid Garden Seed Combination Humus
TO…Ensure that maximum yields are obtained through improved nitrogen availability

General Information
Nature’s Aid Garden Seed Combination Humus aids in growth and production of all varieties of garden beans, peas, and peanuts. 
This product will not aid in the production of soybeans. 
Nature’s Aid Garden Seed Combination Humust contains billions of live bacteria that are essential in the nitrogen fixating process of garden legume plants. These bacteria, when properly placed in the root zone area of the soil, will actively convert atmospheric nitrogen into a useable form for the plant. Therefore, enabling the plant to produce its own organic source of nitrogen, leading to more lush vine growth and ultimately greater yields.

Use Rates
Slurry Method:
4.5 oz (140ml) of water per contents of bag
Sprinkle Method
2 oz (66ml) of water per 8 lbs (3.6kg) of seed
Package Sizes
1.5 Ounce Poly Bags

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