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Authentic Jamaican curry powder, (MADE TO ORDER ) For CARIBBEAN flavor & Freshness!

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Jamaican Curry Powder
Authentic Jamaican curry powder, MADE TO ORDER For Authentic Jamaican flavor, and Freshness ! 
This is my grandma recipes. In Jamaica, curry powder is mostly used to flavor Goat Meat, chicken fish and shrimp , soups and stews, and is great for adding a kick to all kinds of sauces and marinades, as well as meatloaf and burgers, tuna, pasta and potato salads.
Curry Powder has many Health Benefits.
According To Dr. Oz and statistical reports curry powder is an excellent alternative remedy to prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). AD is a largely unknown disease in the Indian And Caribbean population not because of awareness (people are educated about it) but due to the lack of its preponderance among the population and do you know why? It has got to do with the ingredients in the curry powder, the spices to be exact.
As explained by Dr. Kulpreet Chaudhary and Dr. Oz, the spices in the curry powder bolster the immune cells within the body to help fight against the toxins that collect within the central nervous system, the brain to be specific. While Dr. Oz advocated using curry powder in totality, many researchers point to the use of turmeric which is a major ingredient in the curry powder giving it the distinct yellow color, as the active ingredient in the fight against AD.

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