Taiwanese Sword Leaf lettuce SEEEDS. ASIAN VEGETABLE

$ 1.95

Asian Greens,Sword Lettuce Seeds,Yu Mai Tsai,Organic,Easy to grow Vegetable ! In tropical areas, sow all year round.

24000-28000 Seeds per Oz.
This variety has long pointed green leaves, which are very popular in stir-fry cooking in Taiwan and Southern China. Young leaves and stems are very crispy and tender with a unique flavor. Plants grow very fast and can be harvested at any stage. Good for home gardening.
Asian names for this vegetable...
China: gie chia wo tsai, wo tsai, a choy, a tsai, youmaicai, yu mai tsai
India: salad
Indonesia: selada
Japan: chisa, retasu
Malaysia: daun selada
Philippines: letsugas
Sri Lanka: salada
Thailand: phak gadhom, phak salat
New Yu Mai
Lactuca sativa
Cool season annual
This special Taiwan lettuce variety has long, bright green sword-shaped leaves that have a delicious, mildly bitter flavor. Both commercial growers and home gardeners will find this an easy to grow,
disease resistant and productive plant.
Maturity: Approx. 50-60 days
Planting season: Late spring , Late summer or Fall
Cultivation: Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. In cool areas sow seeds in spring/early summer after last frost in a sunny location.sow in spring and fall. In tropical areas, sow all year round. Keep soil moist. Fertilize as needed. Harvest when approximately 10" tall.
Germination: 90%

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