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Anemone Harmony (10 Seeds ) MIX FLOWERS - Perennial

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Superb cold crop for premium pots in early spring For perennial plant sales, transplant to a protected garden site to naturalize with repeat flowering the following spring
  • Anemone flowers are versatile perennials with many varieties to suit a range of soils and situations
  • . Originating from Greece, they can provide elegant height in a mixed border, low bursts of color in rockeries or gentle interest in woodland shade.
    Anemone Harmony Mix - Seeds
  • Easy to grow from seed
  • Can be started indoors in winter to be transplanted outdoors in spring
  • Grows to 24 - 36 inches tall
  • Full sun / partial shade
  • This year's fresh seeds
Description Anemone Harmony is THE market leading series and the first choice for many perennial growers worldwide. For a perennial garden site, Harmony transplanted to a protected area will provide repeat flowering the following spring. This series, also, is a superb cold crop for premium pots in the early spring. Height: 12" Spread: 8" Positioning Combined with pansies, dianthus, bellis and poppies, Harmony is a perfect addition for spectacular color bowls. Anemone Harmony is ideal for Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's Day. Season: Spring, Fall, Winter Plant Details: Scientific Name: Anemone coronaria Common Name: Windflower Hardiness Zone: 4a - 8b Hardiness Degree: -30°F (-34.4°C) Blooming Season: Late Spring, Summer, Autumn, Late Summer Plant Habit: Upright Characteristics: Shade Tolerant, Low Maintenance Water: Medium Spacing: 14 - 20" (36 - 51cm) Height: 22 - 24" (56 - 61cm) Width: 12 - 16" (30 - 41cm) Exposure: Sun

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