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ALLIUM Flowers Bulbs~Purple Drumstick, Ornamental Onion

by Allium
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 round-headed leek, drumstick allium (Allium sphaerocephalon)

A type of ornamental onion, also known as round-headed leek, drumstick allium (Allium sphaerocephalon) is appreciated for the egg-shaped blooms that appear in early summer. Hollow, grayish-green foliage provides lovely contrast to the pink to rosy-purple drumstick allium flowers. Drumstick allium plants are suitable for growing USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 8. 

How to Plant Drumstick Allium Bulbs At heights of 24 to 36 inches, drumstick allium plants are difficult to miss. Showy drumstick allium flowers add beauty to sunny beds, borders, wildflower gardens and rock gardens, or you can plant them in a mixed garden with tulips, daffodils and other spring bloomers. You can also plant drumstick allium bulbs in containers. The long, sturdy stems make drumstick allium flowers ideal for cut flower arrangements. Plant drumstick allium bulbs in spring or fall in sandy, well-drained soil that has been amended with compost or organic matter.

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