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Allium Graceful

These 3" diameter globes are filled with adorable little florets that feature pale pink petals, a bright pink center and dark pink-purple stamens. At just 12" tall, this allium is a nice addition to perennial gardens where it will attract lots of bees and other beneficial insects.

A cousin of some of the most recognizable cooking ingredients, alliums are also known as “ornamental onions.” Alliums are closely related chives, garlic, leeks, onions and shallots. But don’t worry, alliums do not have the strong smell of their other family members. And while the smell of the Alliums may not bother you, it is strong enough to fend off the deer.

Add interest to your garden with the unique texture and color of these globe shaped blooms. Alliums are perfect tucked in among other plants to fill in the gaps between the blooms of spring and early summer.

Bulb Size: 6/+ cm
Height: 12"
Bloom Time: Late Spring
Zones: 3-8
Large Blooms
Deer Won't Eat

Materials: White,The Garden,Container,Spring,Garlic,Early,Fall Planting,or plant in the garden,Heirloom Bulb,Nigum,Atropurpureum,White and Purple Mix

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