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All Seasons Cabbage Seeds,A very heat resistant,Hot summer

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Fine flavor, a strong grower and sure header. 

A very heat resistant and resistant to yellows.

This cabbage produces fine heads that are about 10-11" across and average about 11-14 pounds.

Product Details

Breed: Heirloom

Zones: 3-9

Germination: 8-12 days 

Days to Maturity: 87 days 

Head Shape: Uniform oval

Head Diameter: 10-11" inches

Head Weight: 11-14 lbs.

Plant Color: Light Green

Comments: Great for southern states with hot summers

Packet: 25 seeds


Start seeds in flats or pots. Transplant seedlings 15" apart, a little deeper than in the flats-soil should come almost to the first leaves. Matures in 12-14 weeks from transplant. Cabbages need even moisture, high fertility, and plenty of calcium to grow well and head up, so dig in plenty of compost, lime if necessary, and mulch after plants are established if soil is sandy and doesn't retain moisture. Plant in spring or fall; this variety is heat-resistant.

Cabbage - Chinese Latin: Brassica Rapa "Michihili" is an heirloom "Chinese" cabbage. Its light green leaves are tender and delicious, 

ideal for stir fries and pickling, and any other Asian dishes. "Michihili" Chinese cabbages thrives in milder climates but can be 

planted in any zones. Space plants 12 inches apart for upright varieties such as Michili and 15 to 24 inches apart for the larger 

heading types. 

For fall planting, sow seed directly in the garden 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. Keep the soil moist and thin or transplant 

with care. If possible, start seed in a protected place and transplant on a cloudy day. Use a starter fertilizer solution when planting.

Happy Planting !!

Name:           "Michihili" Chinese cabbage

Botanical Name:   Brassica rapa "Michihili"

Color:            Leafy Green

Size:   Cabbage heads up to 5 lbs, 17 inches long x 6 inches in diameter

Days to Maturity / Harvest:     75 Days

Sun / Shade:           Prefers Sun / Will Tolerate Some Shade

Hardiness Zones: All Zones

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