200 Cigar Plant Seeds,Mexican Cigar Plant - Scarlet (Cuphea Ignea)-Non Gmo Seed

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Cigar Plant Scarlet

Mexican Cigar Plant (Cuphea Ignea Coan Scarlet) - For a showy plant that will bloom its heart out, start Cuphea Ignea seeds and enjoy this showy tender perennial. Cuphea Ignea plants will be evergreen in tropical, frost-free climates, but they will perform as an annual and establish easily from flower seeds in temperate zones. These tropical plants go by several common names: Mexican Cigar Plant, Cigar Plant, Firecracker Plant, and Cigarette Plant. The scarlet blooms on this bushy plant are cylinder-shaped and resemble a cigar or firecracker. The foliage is dark-green and shiny and the blooms continually form for a wonderful display all summer long.

To get a jump start, start the Mexican Cigar Plant seeds indoors 6 weeks before the last expected frost. Press the flowers seeds into the surface of the soil but do not cover. Keep the flower seeds moist. Transplant outdoors once frost danger has passed. Seedlings can be pinched back to promote a bushy growth habit. For areas with a long growing season, the Cuphea Ignea seeds can be started directly outdoors in a weed-free prepared seedbed. Cigar Plants prefer rich, evenly moist soil that drains well and a position if full sun to partial shade

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