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10 Shallot Sets Red OR Yellow,Perennial( Bulb) Plant spring or fall, Garden Vegetable

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Onion Set

Shallots are a separate vegetable species from onions. However, shallots are related to onions since both onions and shallots are members of the allium family, which also includes garlic and leeks. 

Are shallots a type of onion?

Shallots resemble garlic in appearance but have a darker outer skin that helps hold the shallots' clusters together. When cooked, shallots taste sweeter than garlic or onions. Shallots are usually planted in the fall and harvested during the following summer and fall months. When stored correctly, shallots usually stay good well into winter. Raw shallots go well with salad, while cooked shallots pair well with other vegetables and meat.

Also known as potato onion, multiplier onion (root)

Both garlic and shallots are traditionally planted on the shortest day of the year and harvested on the longest day. In cooler areas it can be planted in early May. Planting can continue through to August. They thrive in any well drained garden soil in a sunny position. Dig in plenty of compost and an application of a general garden fertiliser and lime before planting.

Garlic and shallots can be grown in containers. Use a good quality potting mix and keep the plants well watered during spring. Liquid feed garlic and shallots grown in containers regularly using either Yates Thrive or Phostrogen. Both garlic and shallots do not like competing with weeds, so keep the area weed free and if conditions are dry, well watered. Reduce watering one month before harvest to ensure they keep well once harvested. If flower stalks appear, remove them, this will reduce the size of the bulbs when harvested.

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