10 Helenium Dakota Gold Seeds AkA bitter sneezeweed

Gaillardia Pulchella

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General Description
The pretty ‘Dakota Gold’ is a tidy yellow-flowered perennial that’s easy to grow and carefree. It has fine, needle-like leaves and bright yellow daisies. This cultivar has a more compact, spreading habit than wild forms, so it is ideal for edging and containers.
The green to maroon stems of bitter sneezeweed are lined in long, thin, bright green leaves. From midsummer to frost, they become covered with bright yellow daisies. Each has a large, bulbous center of yellow or brown surrounded by a ring of three-lobed petals. The flowers attract both bees and butterflies and are followed by dark brown seedheads that provide seed to hungry songbirds.
Grow bitter sneezeweed in full sun and gritty, well-drained soil with average fertility. It is tolerant of summertime heat as well as drought and humidity, so it is quite carefree once established. It has a tendency to gently self sow, so in time you will have extra plants to share with friends. This neat, mounded selection is ideal for pretty flower gardens and containers but is also great for butterfly gardens and naturalistic plantings.



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