Clematis Blue,(Bare Root/rhizome/Plant) Early, Large-flowered Vine

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 Clematis Multi Blue boasts stunning, fully double, deep blue flowers in late spring that can be up to 5 inches across. Blooms repeat (sometimes semi-double) in latesummer. Can be excellent in a large container or along a wall, so long as the wall does not face north. Sport of Clematis 'The President' from J. Bouter and Zoon of Holland, 1983. Looks great with the foliage of Actinidia Kolomikta!                                                                                        Growing your Clematis roots,It need plenty of room: Dig a large planting hole, two feet deep and nearly as wide. If the soil is very heavy or has lots of clay, add fine bark, manure, compost and/or peat moss. The more organic matter, the better. Add lime if the soil is acidic

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