Yampi Tuber ,White Soft Yam , TROPICAL ROOT VEGETABLE,Dioscorea trifida

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[Cushcush, Indian yam, napi; Yampi, Yampie (Jamaica); Maona (Peru); Mapuey (Puerto Rico); Aja (Cuba); Cara doce (Brazil); Dioscorea trifida]

Native to the Caribbean and tropical Central America this yam is grown for its starchy roots and used similarly to Cassava. It contains the bitter toxic alkaloid discorene which is eliminated by cooking. The cut ends of the photo specimens were dipped in wax to prevent drying out and shriveling. The largest of the photo specimens was 11 inches long, 2-1/2 inches diameter and weighed 1 pound.

Raw yampi are very mucilaginous but this goes away when cooked. Cooked the texture and flavor are pleasant and much like a waxy potato but more tender and crumbly and noticeably sweeter. While yampi is a very fine edible, it is overshadowed in its growing region by manioc (cassava) which produces a higher yield and is more durable in storage. 

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