Jamaican Callaloo seeds,Chinese spinach, Asian Vegetable, Heat loving

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Callaloo seeds per oz, 30,000 

Jamaican CALLALOO SEEDS, (Black Seeds Amaranth) Real Jamaican Organic Heirloom Callaloo seeds harvested from My garden

Callaloo is a Jamaican variety of spinach, a leafy vegetable and it plays an important role in the Jamaican diet. Steamed Callaloo is often served with breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is cooked with codfish and used in soups most popular of those is the Pepperpot soup, in which Callaloo is the main ingredient and typically steamed or sauted with onions, garlic, tomato, thyme and Scotch bonnet pepper. Many Jamaicans have popularized it by substituting it for its North American counterpart in non-traditional Jamaican dishes such as quiche and omelettes etc. Callaloo is rich in nutrients including: iron and other minerals, Vitamin C, flavonoids, calcium, and Vitamin A. Callaloo has over four times the calcium, over two times the iron, and over two times the vitamin A compared to broccoli and other vegetables. Jamaicans use callaloo to plethora of dishes and its juice for nutritional benefits.

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