Sedum middendorfianum var. Striatum (Seeds) creeping, spreading, groundcover, Honey-bee food, Rock garden, Green roofs !

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Sedum middendorfianum var. Striatum

This is a new style in the range. It is characterized by finer, more delicate foliage and very beautiful flowers, which appear in great number in midsummer and discolor over time from yellow to red.

The plants also withstand extreme hot or cold weather. The location should necessarily be in full sun, with prolonged drought is well tolerated. Therefore,it is also ideal for roofs and the planting of dry stone walls. The rock garden plants make any demands on the soil or fertilizer.
Plant Description
Life Cycle: Perennial
Family: Crassulaceae
Special Features: Reddish seed heads.
Basic Colour: (yellow/gold)
Flower Colour: golden
Natural Flowering Period: July - August
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z6 - Z9
Foliage: very narrow, bronze-green foliage
Growth Habit: creeping, spreading, groundcover/cushion, mound/dense/evergreen
Height with Flowers: 10 cm
Spacing between Plants: 20 cm
Soil Requirements: poor, lean/undemanding
pH value: 5.5 - 7.2
Characteristics: ornamental foliage plant
Usage: honey-bee food plant/for the rock garden/for green roofsGroundcover Specifications

Materials: groundcover,Sedum rupestre,also known as Sedum reflexum,reflexed stonecrop,blue stonecrop,Jennys stonecrop,stone orpine,Prick madam,Sedum Seeds,Sedum telephium,It makes a great cut flower

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