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Portulaca Moss Rose ( Sundial Mix 5,000 SEEDS ) Great in Container, Easily Grown

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PORTULACA Moss rose   DOUBLE MIX  5000 seeds
A cheery cover for hot and dry areas. Dainty colorful double blooms on a low growing plant. Just 6" tall, spreading out to 6-8" 
across. Loves hot, dry weather.
Moss rose plants are a welcome addition to any garden
Moss rose is an easy-to-grow annual known for its showy roselike flowers and its 
tolerance of heat and drought. 

This colorful charmer is native to South America where it grows on dry, rocky 

slopes and plains. It has a creeping, matlike growth habit, sending out many 

succulent reddish stems with short, fleshy green leaves. 

Reserve your problem areas for portulaca. They are notoriously good container plants that do not languish if you forget to water them one day.

Sow seeds indoors   for transplants in garden. Press seeds into soil firmly and cover lightly. Sow as thinly as possible. Dampen soil with warm water. Germinate at 70°F days and 60°F nights. After emerge, grow at  60°F for healthy plants. Transplant outdoors in a 4" spacing. Seeds can also be sown outdoors  just below soil surface at 75F and water.

Common name:Moss rose or rose moss
Botanical name:Portulacagrandiflora
Plant type:Annual
Height:4 to 8 inches

Growing conditions
 Sun: Full sun
• Soil: Well-drained loam or sandy soil
• Moisture: Dry

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