Mustard Microgreen - Chokara, Very Spicy(Brassica juncea) Bred especially for microgreen production. Grow Year round, 5 days for microgreens

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CHO KARA, Organic Mustard Micro-greens !
FLAVOR: bitter, earthy, spicy
USES: salad, meat, poultry, seafood, sushi, among others
This hot variety of mustard is bred especially for microgreen production. The cotyledons or seed leaves are medium green with white stems. Everyone can enjoy its robust mustard flavor.
Year round
Maturity: Approx. 5 days for microgreens
Planting season: Year round
Product Description
Chokara is now is the hottest tasting microgreen seed we offer. The seed leaves are forest green with ivory stems. The taste may be overwhelming for some but not for hot mustard lovers! This is the perfect seed to add a small amount into another seed mix in order to achieve just the right amount of a kick!
For large sprouts or microgreens, sow seeds in spring to summer in sandy soil in a bright but cool location. Broadcast seeds and cover with a thin layer of soil. Keep uniformly moist. Harvest by cutting when seedlings reach 3-4". For smaller sprouts, use a sprouting jar indoors. Wash seeds thoroughly before planting and wash sprouts well before eating.

Use in Salads, Soups, or Sushi.

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