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Microgreens/Baby Leaf

Microgreens are grown in a raised bed or shallow container with a well-drained soil mixture. Plant 4-6 seeds per square inch. Microgreens are harvested 5-10 days after germination and when the first true leaves begin to develop. Microgreens are clipped close to the soil level and are 1" to 2" tall.

Microgreens are used as accents on appetizers, sandwiches, salads, main courses and even desserts. Their tender texture, fresh flavor and visual appeal have contributed to their growing popularity in restaurants and gourmet cuisine. The delicate microgreens of different vegetables can be combined to make beautiful and tasty mixes that have a myriad of uses in the kitchen.

Baby leaf greens are more mature than microgreens and have a more developed first true leaf. Baby leaf greens can be harvested at 2"-6" depending on variety. When the true leaves are well formed and still tender, some kinds can be harvested above the seed leaves. This offers the opportunity for further re-growth and subsequent harvests. Others are harvested roots and all. Baby leaf vegetables are excellent additions to salad mixes, braising mixes, soups, sushi and sashimi.

Both microgreens and baby leaf vegetables are great choices for edible garnishes.


Caribbean Garden Seeds
Caribbean Garden Seeds
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RED FRILL Kale ,Vegetables Seed -Microgreens, baby leaf


The leaves of Red Kale are purple color, flat with cut margins. Mature plants are 18- 30" tall. Baby leaves and microgreens are tender, durable and...

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