Hyssop Seeds, 'Pink Pop" - Hummingbird Mint, New Mexico Hyssop !

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AGASTACHE pallidiflora ssp. neomexicana
Basic Colour: (pink/salmon)
Flower Colour: pink
Natural Flowering Period: June - September
Flowering: First year flowering

This quite spectacular, long-blooming perennial opens its bouquets of fragrant, lavender pink flower spikes from midsummer through to early autumn. Flowering in as little as three months from sowing the seed and continuing for a very long period, this new variety is beautifully fragrant producing very uniform, compact plants bearing many long spikes of pretty pink-coloured flowers above aniseed-perfumed leaves.
This is a wonderful variety that is guaranteed to be admired by all those that grow it, see it and smell it. It produces a continual mass of lavender-rose, scented flowers from June to September. Superb in the border, wonderful in containers, and very distinctive. 14 ins. Fragrant pink bloom on compact plants with good branching. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.Leaves used for seasoning meats by the Pueblo Indians. Has potential homeopathic use for treatment of fever and coughs.
Start the Agastache flower seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before the last expected frost. Cover the flower seeds lightly and keep them moist until germination. Transplant after danger of frost and the Hyssop plant will establish
quickly in the garden.

Materials: colors of the rainbow,red yellow pink,rose,must have,Gerbera

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