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Crocus Bulbs,Jeanne d'Arc,(White) bedding,Rock gardens,borders,

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Crocus Jeanne d'Arc
The sparkling, clear white flowers have a bright orange pistil that’s obvious when the petals open wide. There’s a touch of deep purple at the base of the blooms. Heirloom, 1940.One of the familiar and welcome giant spring Crocus, colorful companions for early Daffodils. They are terrific for bedding, rock gardens, shrub borders, and naturalizing in grass. Reserve a few bulbs to pot up and force, and you will soon be the bearer of sweet little gifts that are inexpensive yet rich with the promise of winter’s end.

Common Name: Dutch crocus Jeanne d'Arc
Botanical Name: Crocus vernus Jeanne dArc
Exposure: Full to three quarters day sun
Hardiness: Zones 4-8
Height: 5-6"
Color: Glistening white flowers with a few pencil-thin purple lines from base
Bloom Season: Late winter - very early spring
Bulb/Plant Size: 9+ cm

Materials: White,The Garden,Container,Spring,Garlic,Early,Fall Planting,or plant in the garden,Heirloom Bulb,Atropurpureum,Red And white,Tulipa

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