Jamaican Callaloo Seeds, (edible Amaranth) , Asian Vegetable

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Exotic Caribbean Seeds - Real Jamaican Callaloo

Jamaican Callaloo is a popular local staple green leafy vegetable, cooked with onion, garlic, tomatoes, thyme and Scotch bonnet pepper. Perfect healthy side dish for a tropical breakfast, lunch or dinner.

100% open pollinated heirloom seeds harvested from My garden
non-hybrid and Non-GMO
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  • Heirloom seed refers to seeds that have been cultivated over time.
  • Benefits of heirloom seeds.
  • Approx 41,000 seeds per oz
Robust flavor,Good chromosome pairing Viability, meaning the plants seed will make similar plants with the same characteristics
Nutrient rich
Resistance to some adversaries such as plant disease, pests, and weather extremes.
Food security
Calla-loo vegetable,used in Jamaican,West Indian & Chinese Cuisines (ORGANIC SEEDS).Can be grown as a micro green for salads or cut-and-grow-again methodâ it can be harvested 30 days after sowing.

Callaloo is grown extensively by people living in the Caribbean islands. It is very popular in Trinidad-Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, Asia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, West Indies, Barbados and Bahamas!

JAMAICAN CALLALOO Also known as Amaranthus cruentus or "edible leaf amaranth," callaloo grows as an annual in the U.S. and is harvested for its leaves and seeds. callaloo is grown extensively in the West Indies, and is popularly used in soups and stews. High in iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A and C, as well as protein

The Jamaican callaloo is a dark green leaf vegetable that is native to South America.

The Callaloo is part of the amaranth family. Callaloo is very nutritious particularly potent in irion, vitamin C, flavonoids, calcium, vitamin A, flavonoids and other phytochemicals.

This vegetable taste a bit like spinach and could be used as a substitute. can be used in any recipe calling for spinach or greens, however an abundance of traditional callaloo recipes can be found online.

Grows well on most soil, Requires full sun and moist soil during germination (10-14 days, usually less during 70°+ weather). Afterwards keep watered to 1" in depth at all times. Reaches maturity in about 30-40 days.

Edible Amaranth grows very well in warm climates. This fast-growing vegetable can be harvested 30 days after sowing, by the cut-and-grow-again method. Seeds are very small and will germinate best at temperature above 65 F under dark conditions. Thin plants during the growth if necessary and thinning can be eaten. Edible young leaves and stems are cooked like spinach. Soft texture and tender leaves are excellent for stir-fry and soup.
How to grow:
1 Prepare your soil for spring planting of the callaloo seeds. Break up the soil to a 12-inch depth using a pitchfork. Test the pH of the soil using a soil testing kit. Callaloo seeds prefer to grow in soil that has a pH between 6.5 and 7.5.

2 Amend the soil if necessary before sowing your seeds. Add lime to soil with a pH below 6.5 and peat moss to soil with a pH above 7.5. Refer to the required amendment's packaging label for allocation amounts and application requirements.

3 Sow the callaloo seeds when the outdoor temperatures hold steady at 65 degree Fahrenheit. Sprinkle the seeds over the soil by holding them in the palm of your hand and fanning them out in front of you. Rake the soil lightly afterward to cover the seeds with approximately ½ inch of soil.

4 Dampen the soil with water from a garden hose. A light misting is all that is necessary. Keep the soil moist throughout the germination process, which will take about 10 to 14 days.

5 Continue to maintain moist soil as the callaloo seedlings grow. Once the callaloo seedlings begin to develop their second set of leaves, water to plants more deeply, keeping the soil moist to a 1 inch depth at all times.

6 Spread a 3-inch layer of bark mulch around the callaloo plants to deter weeds. Mulching will also improve drainage. Harvest the leaves as you need them for your recipes by plucking them off of the plants using your fingertips.

Health Benefits
Callaloo leaves have all the nutritional benefits of other leafy green vegetables. They are high in fiber, iron and calcium, and contain large amounts of vitamins A, B, and C, lutein, amino acids, and carotene. Callaloo is said to be one of the cancer fighting plants, especially when when it is made into a green smoothie with other greens.

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Ann Marie Thomas
Have not used seeds as yet

In order to give a fair review I would need to come back once I start to grow the seeds I received.

Blossom Dennis
Jamaican vegetables.

I know what they are because I'm a Jamaican but I haven't planted them as yet so I do not have any pictures of them here. The Calalloo is from the spinach family and you cook it just the same way you cook spinach. The Scotch bonnet peppers are very spicy. It gives a great flavor to any dish when it's not broken. They are the ones they make the jerk chicken, pork etc. with.

James Alexandre

Jamaican CALLALOO SEEDS, (Amaranth) Real Jamaican Callaloo, Asian Vegetable

john adams

Received quickly

Jessie L Banks

Jamaican CALLALOO SEEDS, (Amaranth) Real Jamaican Callaloo, Asian Vegetable

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