Allium Bulbs Purple & White Mix Perennial Bulb.

by Allium
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NOW IS THE TIME TO PLANT YOUR BULBS.Most people think, oh, bulbs come up in the spring, so that's when I should plant them. Wrong. Yes, spring is a great time for you to plant a lot of great things. But, if you wait until then well, you'll be waiting a whole year before you reap the benefits of your work.
Allium Bulbs - Purple & White Mix(Purple Sensation And Mount Everest) Each Variety Is Individually Packaged For Your convenience. Plant Separately or Mix Together.

Allium Purple Sensation
There's no better allium for bridging the season from spring bulbs to early summer perennials. Perfectly round, 4 to 5" globes are violet-purple with hints of blue and pink. Slender, 24 to 30" stems are sturdy yet graceful. Flowers are long-lasting and nice in bouquets.
Deer Won't Eat
Most Affordable Large Allium

Allium Mount Everest
Snowy white, perfectly round globes the size of softballs on tall, straight stems. This allium has a dramatic presence in the garden and it fills that awkward space between late spring bulbs and early summer perennials. Long-lived and carefree. Also makes a great cut flower.

Large Blooms
Deer Won't Eat
Excellent Cut Flowe

Allium Aflatunenense Flowers
Height: 20-25" inches
Description: Great for bordering
Bloom Time: Late bloom
Color: Purple Mix
Foliage Color: Green
Sun Requirements: Full Sun
Bulb Size: 12-14+ cm

Materials: White,The Garden,Container,Spring,Garlic,Early,Fall Planting,or plant in the garden,Heirloom Bulb,Nigum,Atropurpureum,White and Purple Mix

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