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Aji Limo , Lemon Drop Pepper Seeds ,HOT, Capsicum Baccatum

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Aji Limon (aka Aji Limo, Lemon Drop, Hot Lemon, Lemon Aji, Aji Lemondrop, Peru Yellow, one of my favorites – good flavor, medium hot and versatile.
One of the most flavorful of the Andean peppers, Aji Límo (pronounced ah-hee lee-mo) has survived from pre-Columbian times. Its name means “Lima pepper,” in reference to the Peruvian city. Its distinctive citrus flavor and the bright yellow color of the ripe pods immediately bring to mind the crisp aromas of lemons and limes. A strong hint of citron (the less acidic cousin of lemons and limes) counterbalances the intense spiciness for which this pepper is well-known. The heat, fruitiness and floral quality contribute to the complexity of flavors achieved when the pepper is used in salsas.
Aji Limon Chilli (Lemon drop )
The Aji Limon Chilli is also known under various other names like: the lemon drop chilli, hot lemon chilli, Aji lemon, hot lemon chilli or hot lemon drop chilli.
(Aji is the Nahuatl word for chilli)
As the name of this chilli plant suggests the colour of the chilli pods are indeed bright yellow and when cutting up this chilli you will smell the beuatifull citrus smell of the cut-up pods!! Goes great with your stir fries or Thai stir fries to give it that citrus hint of flavor!!
Member of the Capsicum Baccatum family of chillies.
This chilli comes originally from Peru, South America. Where it up untill today still is a very popular chilli in many various local Peruvian dishes.
When fully grown the Aji Limon Chilli can grow up to 100 cm high and you should be able to get between 70 to 100 chilli pods per plant of fresh fruit during the chilli season which lasts approximate 4 to 6 months.
Belongs to the Genus and species of Capsicum Baccatum
How to Grow Aji Limo
1. where gloves
2.always wash your hands even after you take you gloves off
3.have some lime juice to dump on your hands if they are burning as its said to releave the burning
4.never rub any sensitive area like your eyes and so forth.
5.before you take your gloves off besure you are completely finished at what you are doing
6.some times double up on your gloves as the burn can still find its way in at times
Pepper varieties come from tropical humid regions. The temperature, moisture, and air circulation all play a role in growing plants from seeds. Too little heat, too much moisture, and lack of air circulation will cause poor results. Do not use jiffy peat pots, plugs, or potting soil as the soil becomes too dry or too wet, which can lead to disease and fungus. We have experienced disease and low germination when using these types of products. Use Organic Seed Starting Material for best germination results.
Sow seeds indoors ¼" deep. Peppers germinate best in warm soil, so gentle bottom heat may be helpful until seedlings emerge. Wait to transplant outdoors until soil is warm.

Peppers often like to take their sweet time germinating. They can be up in a week, and some will take almost a month. Even with paper towel germination testing, they can take long. I am not sure why, but it is a normal occurrence. So plan and make sure you sta