Pasilla Bajio Chile Chilaca Pepper Seeds Heirloom

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  • Pasilla chiles are one of the most complexly flavored mild to medium heat chiles. At their peak ripeness their elongated, heart shaped, curved and contorted pod is glossy, deep green and thick. The pepper contains a cotton textured membrane laden with small white seeds. When cut, the pepper's aromas reveal a preview of its flavors: spicy, earthy, rich and bright. Cooking the pepper brings out more flavor profiles, offering depth and undertones both smoky and savory. Aged and dried forms of pasillas become significantly hotter and develop more depth in flavor.

    The green Pasilla, or poblano, is almost always cooked vs. raw. Cooking the pepper reveals the pasilla's greatest qualities. Pasillas should be fire roasted to obtain the most optimal flavor and texture. Though they are ubiquitously stuffed with rich creamy cheese sauces, black beans, potatoes, seafood, eggs and pork and often fried, they can also be eaten with the simple addition of olive oil and sea salt. Pasillas pair well with other pepper flavors such as guajillo and chipotle, herbs such as cilantro, epazote and oregano, earthy flavors such as mushrooms, and cheeses such as feta, gorgonzola and pecorino. Cooked poblanos can be preserved by freezing them in an air tight container, extending their shelf-life by approximately six months.

    Outside of Northern Mexico and America, the name Pasilla refers to a dried chilaca chile (meaning little raisin). A dried chilaca chile is long and black, mild and earthy. It is one of the principle ingredients in the traditional Mexican spicy chocolate mole sauce, known as mole poblano, the "National dish of Mexico". It is important to note the difference between these two peppers because the pasilla in our culture would not be suitable for a rich Mexican mole sauce. Only a guajillo chile is considered an accept

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